A holistic approach to sexual wellness, postpartum health, birth preparation, and embodiment

The pelvis is the center of some of our biggest life experiences. Our relationship to our own sexuality, sexual experiences with partners, menstruation, pregnancy, giving birth, postpartum, abortions, miscarriages, and menopause all begin with the pelvis and are examples of when we need extra care and information.

Your pelvic health is integral to full body wellness, it provides dynamic stability and the ability to walk, stand, and be centered. Many people experience issues like scar tissue, prolapse, recurring infections, lack of sensation, painful sex, or numbness and are told they don’t have options.

Integrative pelvic care sessions use a variety of methods to support the body in its healing process.

These sessions are approached through the exploration of multiple aspects of wellness including the domains of: emotions, scar tissue, biomechanics, and biochemistry.

A somatic approach is the foundation to this work, meaning first and foremost we focus on what the body is telling us. Through this lens we learn how to listen to your body’s story and what kind of tools will support you best.

Sessions can be useful for:

    • Postpartum birth recovery

    • Support with birth injury

    • Pelvic floor health, including prolapse

    • Scar tissue - surgical or other

    • Familiarizing yourself with your anatomy

    • Exploring your relationship with your sexuality/ sensuality

    • Sexual boundary repair

    • Renegotiating and integrating emotional, painful, or traumatic experiences

    • Birth preparation

What to Expect

While each session is unique, the common thread is always embodied consent. Embodied consent is the felt experience of a full body yes. This alignment of the emotions, mind, and body can feel like a reclaiming of your authentic voice and help bring the nervous system into a place of trust and healing.

Sessions are closely conducted to reflect the speed of what your nervous system is ready for, we watch for signals in your autonomic nervous system to track and help guide the direction of a session.

Some of the tools we may use in a session are:

  • Vulva Mapping

  • Vaginal Steaming

  • Abdominal Castor Oil Packs

  • Scar Tissue Remediation

  • Core Exercises

  • Sensation Tracking

  • Breathing tools

  • The Wheel of Consent



Appointments are booked through WMN Space in Culver City, CA